Business Transactions, especially those involving sales of corporate shares, transfers of business assets or mergers of business entities, present extremely complex and important tax considerations. Individuals and companies that participate in these transactions require representation from attorneys that possess the skill, experience and training necessary to ensure the best possible results, from both a tax and business perspective. Our attorneys are frequently engaged by accountants and other attorneys to assist with the planning and negotiation of transactions of this type.

The services provided by our attorneys include:

  • Formation of business entities multiple jurisdictions
  • Preparation of agreements providing for the purchase and/or sale of business assets
  • Preparation of agreements providing for the merger of business entities
  • Preparation of agreements providing for the divestiture of business entities
  • Retention of appraisers and management of the appraisal process
  • Preparation of legal opinions regarding the enforceability of specific agreements
  • Procedures to obtain rulings from government authorities regarding the propriety and legality of specific transactions.