Probate Administration, Trust Administration, and Conservatorship and Guardianship proceedings involve situations in which, by reason of death, disability or minority, an individual cannot be responsible for the administration of his or her property. When faced with these difficult situations, you need attorneys that possess the training and experience necessary to ensure you receive the best available result.

The services provided by our attorneys include:

  • Probate administration, including estate-related litigation, sales of estate property, management of estate assets, management of creditors’ claims and court accountings;
  • Administration of revocable and irrevocable trusts, including trust litigation, sales of trust property, management of trust assets and accounting to beneficiaries;
  • Initiation and administration of conservatorship proceedings, including competency determinations, sales of estate property, management of estate assets and court accountings;
  • Initiation and administration of guardianships, including representation of minors in custody proceedings, management of estate assets and court accountings.